Food for the soul.

Uncover your soul with divine irresistible plant based foods.

What is it that we do 3 times a day: EAT (Sometimes we might do it more than 3 times 😊)

FOOD YOGA – Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul  is a completely new approach to holistic living. Until now, books on healthy living and nutrition have focused on the mechanics of health and happiness, and in doing so, have promoted philosophies and plans that in one way or another have alienated vast numbers of people. As a result, despite volumes of literature and research, there is no consensus on what diet or mode of living is best. What they have all failed to identify is one underlying truth that connects us all and from which all health plans can be reconciled and/or elevated to their ultimate stature. That truth is: our constitutional nature is spirit and we are all spiritually equal. Any healthy living program, therefore, needs to address the “nutritional” needs of body, mind, and spirit.

We want to encourage you to start making food part of your daily spiritual practice. We want to help you become more aware of the divine nature of food and transform your eating into a spiritual experience.

Credit: Paul Rodney Turner (Food Yoga)