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Develop spiritual insights through deep and nourishing meditation practices & workshops that will empower your sense of being and bring you lasting happiness.

Learn the principles of Bhakti yoga for purposeful positive transformation and be part of a thriving community that will help you to invest in your personal and spiritual growth.

No matter who you are or where you are from, let us be your home for spiritual nourishment.

We're a meditation community that strives to inspire connection and fulfilment through spiritual yoga wisdom and practices. We believe the best things in life comes from collectively sharing and engaging in positive spiritual experiences for personal growth.


To have a success mindset means to understand that you are always "work in progress".


Kirtan Meditation & Dinner

Wednesday 25 May 2022
Experience a spiritual high & feel the bliss kick in with super cool Kirtan meditation. Kirtan or Mantra meditation is effortless because the mantra is doing the work for you. It puts you in a healthy state of mind to feel better and happy. Know more

Soulvana : Inspire yourself

Sunday 29 May 2022
Join Yaso to recharge your spirits, strengthen your mind & heart and develop community bonding with Book Club, Mantra meditation and Vegan dinner. Know more

What we offer

A holistic experience of enlightenment and bliss.

  • "Such a warm, inclusive and genuine spiritual community that is open to anyone who is curious and keen for a taste of ancient spiritual yogic practices like Kirtan, You can also expect excellent vegan food prepared and served consciously, and the chance to meet likeminded individuals on a similar spiritual journey."
  • "They’ve helped me to reconnect and encouraged me to become the best version of myself, I’m extremely grateful for all that I’ve learnt and the wonderful connections I’ve made in this community"
  • "Such a power place to be. If you are really someone who is seeking a direction in your life then you might be able to find it here."
  • "Lovely initiative! I got amazed by the positive energy around us that cheers us up and boosts us!"
  • "Attending the mantra meditation, It has been fantastic! It's a beautiful community and a really good place to feel comfortable, be vulnerable and get some really good knowledge and meet some beautiful people."